The Art of Coaching: Or, Disrupting the Echo Chamber

Into (and Through) the Tangle


“Disruption” is dusting itself off from decades of semantic scorn and experiencing newfound admiration.  I heard George Couros say recently: “To innovate we need to disrupt our routine.”  It’s funny to see this word experience such a dramatic turnaround in the world of education after so many decades of being BAD – so bad that it’s one of the default computer codes I can choose when logging student disciplinary incidents.  So how do we go about accomplishing this disruption, and, as Mr. Couros points out, pave the pathway to innovation?  Once we accomplish it, what will it look, sound, and feel like?

Enter the Coach.

My first post in this series on coaching posits that coaches help us do (at least) three things:
  • Do what we thought was unthinkable
  • Help us better see and understand who WE are, and (I might argue, most critically)
  • Dismantle the narrowing effects of…

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Author: williamjtolley

IB Coordinator, IBEN Workshop Leader, Examiner, and DP/MYP Teacher | Inquiry, Mastery & Culturally Responsive-Learning Advocate

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