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  This past August I seized the opportunity be an early adopter (read: guinea pig) by requesting that my principal let me pilot a transitional gradeless classroom (our goal is to be a fully standards-based high school within 3-5 years). Six months later, I am emerging from the initial messiness of the process (that stage […]

  Dear Mr. President,    Predicated on dissatisfaction for a job half-done, Joseph Thrasher recently took measure of your “Ten Days” in The Guardian. His criticism that recent victories for your administration barely met his expectations for hope and change was, however, penned in a half-hearted “doth protest” tone betrayed by his exhilaration for the pride that Americans could now feel in a president speaking […]

  Due to the frenzy and fragmentation of the school day and year—after an appropriate, gentle and well-earned transition—summer is the best time to sweep the shed, clear the cobwebs and put your tools in order ahead of the imminent next semester. Here’s a simple—but thorough—step-by-step process for making it happen: Reflect: Identify a challenge […]

What are your doctor’s MCAT scores? Strange question, I know. How about this one: where did your doctor go to medical school? Maybe more of us know the answer to this question, but not many. Studies by practioners like Harvard’s Ashi Jha (whose byline is “an ounce of evidence is worth a thousand pounds of […]