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Click here and you will navigate to my weekly Scoop.it gazette on modern learning. Although I try to preserve the best stories of the week for the Sunday night edition to give educators and learners some food for thought on Monday mornings (It’s even the beginning of the semester for my school tomorrow–once more to the […]

In the article below, Andrew Miller makes a case for rethinking the role of the teacher. His description would fit nicely in the sort of future-building school envisioned by thinkers like Keri Facer, but are our schools and school communities ready for this transition? Below Miller’s post, I add the response I shared with my faculty. […]

21st Century Learning In Practice From the 19th Century’s Frankenstein to the 20th Century’s Matrix, technology has been evoked to frighten audiences unsure of its impact on human society.  We never seem to know just how advanced technology has become and we never seem to be able to keep up with its relentless advance. Even now, […]