Benefits of the Tech-Based Contemporary Learning Environment


What are the benefits?

  • Mobile devices (like iPads) and computer technology have allowed us to automate routine tasks. Many students find it useful to take notes electronically and organize all their course materials in one place. (Evernote/Google Drive, etc.) Even better, students can use multiple services to create backups and share work seamlessly.
  • This automation includes common features in many apps like taking photos of teacher and peer work and recording lectures and activities as audio or video files.
  • Students with certain disabilities or who are English-language learners benefit greatly from using their iPads to take notes or from specialized software on their laptops.
  • iPads and wireless technologies allow students to immediately access information relevant to class topics.
  • iPads can be used for in-class group work, PBL, flipped learning resources, to work through interactive web resources, to contribute to class discussion boards, or even comment on a lecture back-channel such as a twitter feed.
  • Technology can be used to create an extended classroom community via tools like Jupitergrades for parents or Facebook for students.

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